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Do Fluorescent Lights work for Indoor Plants?

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Fluorescent lights can work fine for indoor plants.  These lights are ideal for someone working on a budget because they use a smaller amount of electricity that more powerful lights.  You must watch the distance between the light and the plant because these lights only have a certain area of effectiveness.  If the plants are too far away from the light, then they will not grow properly.  Please refer to the manufacturers guidelines or read the descriptions available on our website.

Why are your Fluorescent Lights cheaper than Retail Stores?

Our fluorescent lights cost less than the same lights in retail stores because we do not have to maintain a brick and mortar location.  This means we are not paying rent, electricity and other overhead associated with a physical location.  Instead of just making more profit, we have chosen to pass this saving on to you, our customers.  You get the same high quality merchandise without paying the larger price.

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