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Setting Up Your Grow Tent Inside Your Home

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When you choose to install a grow tent inside your home, there are a few things to consider.  The first is that you will also need grow lights to put inside the tent.  This is because plants need 10 to 14 hours of sunlight every day to thrive.  Plants inside a home never get this amount of light, because windows only allow direct light into the room for 4 to 6 hours, depending on the orientation of your home.  You also need to have a source of ventilation inside the tent to keep the air circulating.  Plants will not live well with stale air and need to have fresh air moving around them at all times.  We carry a grow room ventilation fan with a carbon filter system that keeps the air moving inside the tent, but prevents smells from reaching the rest of the house.  This is an ideal solution for an indoor grow system and lets your plants reach their full potential without investing thousands of dollars on a greenhouse or adding skylights to your home.

Why Does My Grow Tent Smell?

The main reason that you get a smell inside of a grow tent is that the plants are constantly producing oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide.  They also break down the soil to remove nitrogen and other nutrients from the dirt.  This process has the same effect as putting plants into a compost system.  The plants reduce the matter in the soil to organic waste, and any gasses produced are released into the air, which causes the odor.  Our grow room ventilation system has a built-in carbon filter that will remove this odor from the air before the interior air is released into your home.  This will not remove the smell from the inside of the tent, but it will keep the smell from reaching the rest of your home.  You can also ventilate the system outside, by keeping the tent near a window that can be opened.

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