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My Friend Has Had Success with Fluorescent Grow Lights

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Fluorescent grow lights do work for some types of plants.  They are most successful with plants that have a large number of leaves, such as most herbs.  They also work well for plants that are primarily leafy, such as lettuce.  Both of these types of plants have large leaf areas that can convert the highest percentage of light into food, through photosynthesis.  Plants that have smaller leaves, or plants that are from a desert environment may need a stronger type of light and should be provided with direct lighting.

How High Should I Install My Fluorescent Grow Lights?

Because fluorescent grow lights do not have the same number of lumens as metal halide or high pressure sodium lights, you should have them closer to the top of the plant.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have the lights on a floating platform.  This can be raised and lowered to match the current height of the plant.  The ideal height is about four feet above the surface of the plants.  Fluorescent lights may not work for plants that are started from seeds.  This is because seeds need higher heat to germinate, and they should be placed in a window where they get real sunlight, until they have produced tertiary leaves.

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