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Should I Use High-Pressure Sodium Lights for All of My Plants

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While it is important for your plants to get the maximum amount of light, some plants are actually harmed by using high-pressure sodium lights.  This is because these plants are used to growing underneath larger plants, such as trees.  Even some plants from the rainforest may only need LED or fluorescent lights, because they are used to being under the canopy of large trees.  You should carefully review the type of plant you have and make sure that it will not be burned by having such a powerful source of light over the plant.

My Tropical Plants Only Need High-Pressure Sodium Lights

One of the biggest mistakes new plant growers make is thinking that they only have to install some high-pressure sodium lights for their plants to thrive.  Plants are just like any other type of living organism, and require both the right nutrients and environments to survive.  Always make sure that your plants have a high level of nitrogen in the soil, to ensure they get enough food to perform photosynthesis.  In addition, your plants require a minimum amount of water, which varies based upon the type of plant.  Besides the lighting, you also have to control the temperature of the room where the plant grows.  Tropical plants need to have a warm temperature and a higher level of humidity.  This can be accomplished by putting them in a room that is maintained above 65 degrees, and you should mist your plants daily to substitute for a humid environment.

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