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Starting Your Business with Your Own Tattoo Kit

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When you first start your own tattoo business, there are several things that you must purchase.  The first is a tattoo gun, so you will be able to create art for your clients.  The problem is that the gun is only the first of many items you will need, to start selling your art.  You will also need needles, ink, grommets, ink cups, rubber bands, rubber gloves, ointment to prevent scarring and a cleaning kit.  Instead of purchasing each of these as an individual item, you can purchase an entire tattoo kit from us, for a fraction of the price.

What Comes in a Tattoo Kit

The first thing that comes in a tattoo kit is the gun.  This is the central piece of equipment that you will use to create art for clients.  The second important pieces of equipment are the needles.  This is because each client has to have a new needle, so you want to have enough disposable needles to create enough art to start making a profit from your art.  When you purchase a kit from us, it comes with enough items to make approximately fifty tattoos, depending on the volume of ink involved, and on how many visits are needed to complete the art.  Our kits come with everything, from disposable needles and ink, to rubber gloves and practice skin, so you can get the feel of your new gun before you start using it on your clients.


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