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Telescoping Flag Poles for Your Home

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 One popular item that has always been found in the front yard of homes throughout the United States is the flag pole flying the US flag.  This has been a staple among homes found in every part of the US. Whether you go to Arizona or New Hampshire, you are bound to see many homes flying the US flag and many home owners also choose to fly the state flag or other various flags depending upon their interests.  If you are interested in finding a flagpole to install in your front yard there are many options that you will be able to choose from.  One of the most convenient products is a telescoping flag poles which allow you to quickly and easily put the flag pole up or take it down.  If you have a seasonal home and you want to fly your flag(s), these telescoping flag poles are a great option.  This way you can quickly set up the flag pole when you get to your home and when it is time to leave you can just as easily take it down for convenient storage while you are away.  These are also available in a variety of heights, with most collapsing to a manageable height of around five or six feet. 

If you are wondering where you can find telescoping flag poles you will want to visit to view their inventory of these products.  They have a few different packages with some including the flag pole, US flag, mounting bracket, gold ball, and more.  There are also packages available that replace the gold ball with an eagle shaped finial.  They have 16′ telescoping flag poles for sale on this site and these models collapse to 5′ in length.  With such a short length this is very easy to carry around and put into storage.  There are also telescoping flag poles which are 25′ in height; these collapse down to an easily manageable 6′ length.  At this site there is also a 20′ model available and this is only 5 ½’ in length when collapsed down.  You will also find that both the 20′ and 25′ telescoping flag poles can accommodate two flags, which is ideal for flying the US and state flags.  Many people also choose to fly the US flag in combination with a flag representing an organization they belong to or a favorite sports team.

Installing Telescoping Flag Poles

All of the telescoping flag poles available at the above website can be installed semi-permanently in your front yard, using the PVC sleeve provided.  You simply need to dig a hole that is 16” deep by 18” in diameter and place the PVC sleeve inside this hole.  Once the sleeve is centered in the hole you need to fill the remaining space with concrete and once it has hardened you can place the flag pole inside of the PVC sleeve.  One of the great features of this type of setup is that you can quickly remove the flagpole at any time, yet it is securely mounted in place at all times.  In order to find out more details about these telescoping flag poles or to view photos of the different models you will want to be sure to visit

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