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What is a Portable Gazebo?

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A portable gazebo is a covered area of that can be moved to any location.  This type of gazebo is not attached to the ground with cement tie downs, but is instead placed directly on the ground.  This lets you move the gazebo from the backyard to the front yard when you want to move your guests to a different location.  This is ideal when you have a children’s party in the back and then have a yard sale in the front.

Why use a Portable Gazebo?

If you want the flexibility to have a covered area anywhere around your home, then you may want to consider a portable gazebo.  This lets you use it in the back of the house during outdoor dinners then move it to the front to protect your items during a yard sale.  To see a complete selection of gazebos, please visit The LA Shop online or call them at 626-336-2829.

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