Turn Your Backyard into a Water Park

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Los Angeles is known for its hot, humid summers. This gives a great opportunity to homeowners, especially the ones with pools! Transforming your pool and backyard into a water park is not only refreshing but fun! With just a few upgrades you can easily set up your custom amusement park right in your yard, for half the price! Let theLAShop help you get started with these awesome backyard upgrades. 

Trampoline Sprinklers

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Trampolines are a great way to work out but you can make it a great way to cool down as well. By simply adding our easily installed sprinkling system to your already set up trampoline you can create a refreshing way to have fun! Play car wash with your children or create a custom game just for you! Either way, trampoline sprinklers are a must-have for any outdoor amusement park.       


Saucer Swing

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Imagine a park without a swing. You can’t right? Every outdoor experience deserves a swing! Our sturdy, saucer swing can hold up to 3 small children or carry one adult! Attach our saucer swing to a strong tree branch or ledge as the reinforced straps can hold up to 700lbs! 

Bow and Arrow Set    

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Increasing your aim with a bow and arrow set is not only fun, but it builds strength. Feel like a superhero when you hit the bullseye every time at your home, backyard, or outdoor event. Improve your skills and build muscles in your arms when you practice every day! Once you’ve improved your skills, consider taking them to the next level by going hunting. Check with your state and government for local laws and regulations.   


Water Sports

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There are many different types of water sports you can play with your family and friends or you can make up custom games. Purchase water rifles or water cannons and set up a shooting rink or obstacle course. Children and adults alike love aiming and firing their water pieces at their targets or friends in a fun game of water tag. Make water sports more fun with a little competition! You can build targets by stringing buckets or cups between trees or poles in y our backyard.  

Dodge Ball

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Dodgeball is a classic game that everyone knows how to play. Instead of using a large rubber ball, consider using water balloon instead! Water balloons are less painful than regular dodgeball and this makes the game more inclusive and fun. The rules of the game are simple: 

Rule 1: Divine groups into 2 teams. 
Rule 2: Each player holds 10 water balloons.
Rules 3: Once the game starts, each player must use their water balloons to hit the players on the opposite team. If a player is hit with a water balloon then they are out of the game. Once a team takes out all of the players, they are the winners. 
Rule 4: If a water balloon is caught by a player, the player that threw the water balloon is out of the game. 

Water Balloon Games

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Water balloon games usually have very few rules so it makes them easy to learn. Modify the classic game of baseball by throwing the water balloons to your partner. Whichever team drops the water balloon first is the loser. If you’re playing with older children or adults, you can make the game more challenging. Simply attach a bowl to the head of each player. Players can not use their hands and must catch the water balloon with their bowls. 



Water Sponges

If you're concerned about the ecological impact of latex balloons or worried about latex allergies, water bombs are a great alternative. Made from common kitchen sponges, they are eco-friendly and reusable, and they deliver the same wet wallop as traditional water balloons. Water sponges can be cut into shapes and tied together to make unique water toys. 



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