Surprising Hacks that’ll Help You Beat The Summer Heat 

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California heats up every summer and this season will be no different. Temperatures are already beginning to rise, so it’s about time we prepare for a hot summer! We all know that air conditioners are not only expensive but not so great for the environment. Cut down on your electric bill by trying these DIY ways to keep cool on a budget. TheLAShop is here to explain to you just what to do.

Freeze Your Pillow 

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There is no better feeling than the cooler side of the pillow. When the temperature rises, cooler sheets are Heaven sent. Feel refreshed by gathering your pillow, placing it in a plastic bag, and freezing it for at least 10 minutes. If your freezer is full, you can simply freeze your pillowcase. The refreshing cold will help you doze off faster. If you live in a particularly warm state, consider freezing a few pillowcases so you can switch them out through the night. 






Fan and Ice

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Forget about running up your electric bill by leaving your air conditioning on. Instead, consider, placing a fan in front of a bowl of ice. You’d be surprised how cool you can get your home with just a bucket full of ice. Simply set a bowl of ice in front of a small fan. The fan will blow the cool air off the ice and disperse it around the room. 

Cross Ventilate

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Learning how to cross ventilate properly is the best way to cool down on a budget. Cross ventilation is all about creating the perfect amount of airflow. You may not be able to control where your windows or doors are placed but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the airflow to your advantage. Create a wind tunnel by placing fans in opposite windows. Place one fan directing inside and one fan directing outside. The fan blowing outside will push the warm wind outside while the fan blowing inside will pull in the cool air. 




Turn Your Ceiling Fan Counterclockwise 

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If you have a ceiling fan, then you want it to push the air directly down to you. To get the air to blow straight down, rather than up toward the ceiling, then you need to change the direction of the air. Turn your ceiling fan counterclockwise and it will change the direction of the airflow. 




Coat Your Sheets 

The so-called Egyptian method promises to keep you cool on hot summer nights. Wet a sheet or large bath towel with cool water and wring or run it through your washer’s spin cycle until it's damp but not dripping. This will be your new beat-the-heat blanket. Keep a spray bottle filled with water and a small amount of rubbing alcohol at your bedside: If you wake up warm, give the sheet an additional spritz. Another idea in the same vein is to wet and wring out a sheet, then hang it in front of the open window nearest your bed to make any breeze even more delightful.

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Enjoy the Summer with TheLAShop 

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