Irish Garden Decor 

From whimsical water fountains to detailed statues, traditional Irish decor has something everyone can enjoy! Irish gardens are known for their lush greenery and mystical ambiances. Luckily for us, Los Angeles has an awesome climate that can be used to grow the perfect Irish garden. Even if the weather is not cooperating, you can still include many Irish elements. Let theLAShop help give your garden that Irish feel! 


Ireland is known for large stone statues and slate paths. Traditionally smaller decorations surround larger focal points. These figures sometimes include: 

A Celtic Cross. A Celtic cross is a traditional cross with a circle around the intersection of the arms and stem. The Celtic Cross represents the strength, knowledge, and compassion it takes to get through life.  

Bird Bath/Fountain. Water adds natural tranquility to any space so adding flowing water to your garden can bring peace to your lawn. The sound of natural flowing water is proven to calm your nerves and bring serenity to your garden. 

Green Man Face. The Green man is a pre-Christian symbol of rebirth that represents growth and is usually carved into wood, stone, pagan temples, graves, and medieval churches from Ireland to Russia. 

Irish Garden Plants   

Every Irish traditionally decorated yard has a dedicated space that is used simply for nature! Start with these simple to care for Irish plants: 

Moss. With the wet, shady nature of Irish gardens, moss is ubiquitous. Embrace moss and let it grow between slates on the walkway, in your stone wall, and under trees and shrubs. Sagina subulata, known as pearlwort or Irish moss, is a moss native to Ireland.

Foxglove. This pretty perennial flower is also a native. In Ireland, foxglove plants are often known as fairy thimbles. 

Woodbine. Also known as honeysuckle, Lonicera periclymenum is commonly found growing in Ireland and is often found climbing walls and hedgerows. 

Yarrow. The common yarrow wildflower is found all over the country, and its flat-topped flowers will bring butterflies and bees to your garden. 

Bugle. Otherwise known to many as bugleweed or ajuga, this native wildflower is perfect for wooded areas or wet meadows. 

Chamomile. Different from German chamomile, the type of herb seen most often in the U.S., this chamomile is native to and common in Irish meadows. 

Shamrocks. Of course, no Irish garden would be complete without some shamrocks. There are plenty of varieties to try with different colors of foliage and flowers.

Potatoes. Potatoes are popular vegetables to plant on St. Patrick’s Day! Even if your lawns are icy, you still plant potatoes at home. These hearty vegetables can be grown in containers inside the home and replanted outside when they grow too large. 

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 Strawberries. These bright red fruits are delicious, sweet, and easy to grow so long as they get plenty of sun! The tiny sugary delights usually bare fruits quickly and can be placed in a cloth hanging pot on your balcony or anywhere you get a lot of sun! 


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