During this worldwide emergency, many of us have attempted to explore indoor gardening. As we’re sure you know, there is a myriad of benefits to indoor growing. In addition to the natural cleansing of the air in your home, you can grow a cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables with the right home garden! Save money, learn the origin of your food, and avoid harmful chemicals and pesticides when you germinate your seeds from start to finish! In this article, theLAShop will teach you how to grow your own vegetable garden at home.



Traditional Plants to Start Growing on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional day of new growth! Since St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner consider starting your at-home garden with vegetables that are grown around this holiday! Get ready to get your fingernails dirty and bring the luck of the Irish into your home! Let us help you get started with your list!

Potatoes. These hearty and filling vegetables can be easily grown and made into a savory dish! There are various types of potatoes that exist so your options are far from limited. You can grow potatoes indoors in a fabric bag or pod. 

TheLAShop 3-Pack Potato Grow Bags 10-Gal Fabric Pods

Brand new 3-Pack 10 Gallon Potato Grow Bags Fabric Pots, which made of 250G breathable felt fabric. Perfect for your balcony, garden or yard and Sided window design help you easy to get potato, carrot, peanut, taro and so on. These fabric pots are great at growing plants allow your roots to breath which results in both faster growth and greater plant vigor. 

Peas. After you’ve learned how to grow peas in your apartment you’re going to be obsessed with what you can do! Whether it’s snow, shell, snap peas, your indoor setup is simpler than you assume. All you need are pots 4-6 inches in depth and width, a set of wires, and professionally grow lights. 

Plants That Need Little Lighting 

If the problem in your Los Angeles apartment is getting lighting then all is not lost! You’d be surprised, but there are some plants that can live in rooms that are completely dark! Check out these plants that can survive with little or no lighting!

Lucky Bamboo. These hardy plants cant survive almost anything! Though they do best in bright light they can live comfortably for years in the shadows. Just make sure these plants have plenty of water and watch for brown spots as they do need some sort of lighting.

Plants That Are Easy But Need A lot of Lighting

 Strawberries. These bright red fruits are delicious, sweet, and easy to grow so long as they get plenty of sun! The tiny sugary delights usually bare fruits quickly and can be placed in a cloth hanging pot on your balcony or anywhere you get a lot of sun! 


TheLAShop 2-Pack Strawberry Grow Bags Planter 9"x15"

This pack of 2 3.8 Gallon Hanging Plant Grow Bag Fabric Pots w/ holes can grow more in less space-multiple varieties in one grow bags. It can be hung anywhere without taking up floor space, at the same time, applicable for being as mural to decorate rooms to make your room become garden; Very suitabl to grow variety of plants and vegetables, sugar as potato, carrot, peanut, taro and hang in the garden or patio, over a door, on a balcony, in the back yard, outside the office, add more vitality to your room.


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