Air Purifiers vs. Allergies

Nowadays, most of us are spending more time inside of our homes. Those of us who are out and about, are subjected to physical distancing regulations, due to the illnesses that can be carried in the air. Whether you’re staying home or working indoors, air quality is vital to your health. Indoor spaces can be filled with aggressive pollutants that can aggravate your allergies or cause sickness. In this article, theLAShop will teach you about air pollutants and teach you how to choose the proper air purifier. 

Do Air Purifiers Help with Allergies 

Most doctors and health experts can agree that air filters can help those with allergies because they can remove most harmful air pollutants from the room. Air filters, however, do not remove the pollutants that are already settled on the walls, floor, or furniture. Smaller particles can also escape the filter’s suction and still infect you if not properly destroyed. When purchasing an air purifier, understand that each device is different and its effectiveness varies. Overall, regardless of the quality of your air purifier, a little filtration is better than none. 

Uses of Air Filters  

Air purifiers do help people with allergies, but they also have other benefits. According to Dr. Alalna Biggers, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Illinois-Chicago, air filters can improve your health. Biggers explains, “There are many types of air filters that can remove particles at varying degrees. For example, HEPA filters, UV air filters, and ion filters are very good at removing dust, dander, pollen, and mold, but they are not great at removing odors,” She continues to state, “Carbon-based filters are good at filtering some particles and odors, but are not as effective in removing dust, dander, pollen, and mold.”

Power vs Space


The amount of space you have is crucial to the effectiveness of your air filter. Before you purchase your unit, measure the space or the room you expect it to cover. If your device is too weak to cover the room, you may be wasting your money. Your clean air delivery rate or CADR will determine how many particles and feet your air filter can reach. The most effective air purifiers have a wide range and can collect small particles such as smoke and pet dander.  

Reduction of Allergy Symptoms 

While it is proven that air purifiers can collect many pathogens that can cause allergic reactions there is no official recommendation that suggests them as an cure or remedy. The Environmental Protection Agency has conducted several studies that have measured the effectiveness of air purifiers and their effects on people with asthma and other allergic reactions. Most studies suggest that air purifiers reduce the number of dust mites, and pollutants in the air, ultimately decreasing the number of allergic reactions and asthma attacks in patients.

Causes of Allergies

Allergies are common in many people and to this day doctors are still unsure how they develop. Allergies are triggered when normally harmless foreign substances enter the body and cause irritation. Although doctors believe allergies have a genetic component, specific allergies are not passed down. Here are some common causes of allergies: 


  • Animal products. Pett dander, dust mite waste, and cockroaches
  • Drugs. Penicillin and sulfa drugs
  • Foods. Wheat, nuts, milk, shellfish, and egg 
  • Insect stings. Bees, wasps, and mosquitoes
  • Mold. Airborne spores from mold can trigger a reaction.
  • Plants. Grass, weeds, and trees, resin from poison ivy and poison oak
  • Other allergens. Latex, often found in latex gloves and condoms, and metals like nickel are also common allergens

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