Common Container Gardening Beginner Tips 

Spring and summer are the seasons where many flowers, fruits, and vegetables bloom and produce. In springtime, especially, you can expect to see plenty of flowers and fresh-full fruits. However, the best and most lush spring gardens are started in the winter and are given extra care because they were germinated in containers! Containers are a great way to start to garden, but you have to know what you’re doing! That’s why theLAShop has has compiled our list of common container gardening mistakes. 

Dangers of Small Containers 

A common mistake beginner plant owners make is using smaller containers. If you are using containers that are too small you not only get weaker plants, but plants that bud smaller fruits and veggies. Your plant will eventually outgrow your smaller pot and quickly parish. A clear sign that your plant is not growing properly is a lack of fruit. 


If you are using a large container you have to be wary of over planting. You have to remember that seedlings and smaller plants grow. Always take into consideration the adult size of your plants so be sure not to plant seedlings too closely together. Overcrowded planting can stunt plant growth and easily spread illnesses. Planting too close will also make it easy for pests to transfer through plants, fruits, and vegetables. 


It is a well-known fact that plants in containers tend to dry out more quickly. This is because the smaller space in the container holds less water. During summer months this particularly becomes a huge problem as the weather is warmer and your plants need to absorb more water. Depending on the weather, you may need to water your plants once or twice a day. If the soil on the top of your container is dry, then it is time to water your plant.


Watering way too much is as much of a problem as underwatering. Overwatering can be caused by not enough drainage at the bottom of the container. Usually, you only need one draining hole in the center of the container, but you may need more depending on the size of your container. 

Forgetting Fertilizer 

Fertilizer is essential to your container garden, especially if you’re growing fruits and vegetables. Remember that your plants are limited to the nutrients in their potting soil. These vitamins are often quickly soaked up and need to be replenished season after season. You need to make sure that you fertilize your plants frequently, especially during the growing season. 

Weak Pests Control 

Pests and plant illnesses can spread quickly, especially if your garden is smaller and close together. It is a widely misunderstood myth that vegetable gardens do not need as much care as rare flowers or plants, however, the opposite is true. Vegetables require more than water, sunlight, and fertilizer, you have to also keep them pest free. You must also regularly prune your plants, by removing old and dead leaves. Doing this will help your plants conserve their energy for new growth. 

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