Hollywood Makeup Hacks Every Beginner Should Know  

Breaking into the cosmetic industry isn’t easy, even if you have experience. Makeup trends in Los Angeles change faster than the Santa Monica tides. Due to the advancement of technology, the makeup industry has become a $70 billion organization that constantly evolves. TheLAShop wants you to stay ahead of the curve, so we’re offering these Hollywood makeup hacks that will keep you relevant and informed. 

Set Yourself Up For Success

For many people waxing is a preferred alternative to shaving due to skin sensitivity and convenience. Unlike shaving, waxing removes the hair from the shaft which slows down the process of the hair follicle regenerating. Waxing also exfoliates the skin. This removes dead skin cells from the face which creates a smooth canvass for easy makeup application. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, beauticians suggest waiting 24-48 hours after waxing your face before applying heavy make-up. 

Waxing at home can be convenient and easy with user-friendly tools such as TheLAShop’s Double Wax Pots Heater Warmer. 

Use Bright Lighting and Keep Your Eyes Open

This may seem like an obvious makeup tip to the more experienced artists, however, it is not uncommon for women and men to close their eyes when getting eye shadow or eyeliner applied. According to celebrity makeup vlogger, Kira Nasrat, this technique helps the artist gain full access to the eyelid, giving them a better opportunity to create a full look. Proper lighting is harder to find then you think. A Hollywood vanity mirror provides professional lighting while occupying little space on your makeup desk.      


Pay Attention to Details     

In Hollywood, the beauty is in the details. Using a high-quality and professional airbrush to apply your makeup or foundation can drastically improve your look! There are many benefits to using an airbrush including:


    1. Resistant to water including sweat, and tears
    2. Won’t rub off on other people or clothing 
  • Custom colors 
    1. Makeup lasts longer, some clients suggest up to 12 hours
    2. Gives a full face cover without feeling heavy
    3. The airbrush technique hides blemishes and appears flawlessly on camera       

     Extend Cosmetic Procedures Yourself        

    Over time your look can depreciate. Prolong your look by refining the imperfections that naturally occur. Refresh your style by using tools such as TheLAShop’s Nails Manicure Electric Acrylic Nail Drill File with Pedal Color Option. Touching-up a style yourself can save you money in the long run and help you perfect your skills for the future.     

    Stay Organized 

    Whether you are a makeup enthusiast or a professional makeup artist it is important to stay organized. Makeup products can spill, go missing or break, which can create unexpected expenses. Keep organized with a customizable makeup case. As your makeup collection grows, you can adjust your makeup case. Your makeup case should also be large enough to carry your collection and flexible enough to travel comfortably. 

    TheLAShop Can Help You Get to the Next Level 

    In the competitive field of cosmetics and makeup, an artist must stay up-to-date with current trends and techniques. TheLAShop can help you get started and keep you updated throughout your career. Our store carries affordable design tools for beginners and experts alike!