Are Dining Tents A Safe Way To Eat Out?

Thankfully, many states are opening back up, which means that outdoor dining will once again become an option. Though we are all excited to resume life as normally as possible, we must practice safety precautions to keep healthy. Restaurants for example, have set up outdoor dining tents that allow patrons to dine together while avoiding sitting indoors, where illnesses can spread. While experts claim that dining in tents is generally safer than dining inside the tent must also be up to code. In this article theLAShop will be discussing our safety standards for outdoor dining. 



Health experts say outdoor dining tents are generally safer than dining inside, but caution that they’re not all equal.

Many restaurants are erecting individual tents, igloos and other outdoor structures that let people who are dining together avoid being indoors, where the coronavirus spreads more easily.

Experts say the structures should be well-ventilated. A tent with four walls and a roof, for example, might not have better ventilation than an indoor dining room.

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Ventilation is the most important factor when choosing an outdoor dinning structure. Though we understand that each restaurant is different and some are limited to their outside spacing we still suggest keeping your tents as ventilated as possible. For example, a tent with four walls and a ceiling may not provide sufficient ventilation required to slow the spread. 

Physical Distance 

Even though you are outside, it is still important to remain physical distance from those who are not in your party. If the space does allow you to sit six feet away from other guests a simple panel or shield can provide adequate separation. Custom panels can easily be installed to canopy tents and adjusted to accommodate various situations. 

Hand Washing Stations 

We all know that it is better to be safe than sorry, especially nowadays. Even if you’re physically distancing and wearing your protective face covering it is still vital to keep a regular hand washing routine. When dining it is common practice to wash your hands before you eat anyway and some restaurants are making the experience more convenient by including portable hand washing sinks in their outdoor setups.  

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Proper Cleaning


Though ventilation and physical distance is very important, proper cleaning is also a strong defense against getting sick. Each seating area should be thoroughly cleaned between guests and left to dry for 15-20 minutes before being sat again. Every item in the tent should be wiped down including tables, chairs, menus, tent panels, and table settings. 

Outdoor Dining Rules for California

Finally, outdoor restaurant dining is allowed everywhere in California! Indoor dining, however, is granted with limited capacity for areas with the red tier status. For example, indoor dining is allowed in San Mateo County, only at 25% capacity. 

Fortunately, California has made it easy, by releasing a 13-page document of guidelines that restaurants must adhere to in order to remain open. These requirements include staff to wear face coverings at all times, diners to wear face covering when not eating, and for the tables to be spread out and cleaned after use. 

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