This May Be Your Last Chance to Save 50%!

There is still time! If you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet, you’re still in luck! All November, you’ve voted for your favorite products and we’ve listened! Our 12 Days of Christmas Sale started on December 1st and will continue to the 12th! On these selected days, you can save 50% off a product that you voted for! Be sure to mark the dates so you don’t miss out on your favorite items! Here’s what we have left: 

Dec. 9 Solar Patio Umbrella Tilt Table Umbrella w/ Lights 9ft 8-Rib



Enjoy your patio day or night with this LED tilt umbrella! These solar-powered LED lights create the perfect atmosphere as your backyard transitions from the day to evening times. The 9ft tilting umbrella will brighten up any patio, garden, or backyard. 

Dec. 10 Heated Foot Massager

The weather is getting colder and there is nothing more relaxing than a warm foot massage! Our kneading and the pulsing massaging machine is perfect for stimulating sore muscles and soothing them. Adjust the strength of your massager so you can be sure to stimulate your blood and melt the stress away.  

Dec. 11 LifeSmart Smart Light Kit 



This wonderful set of 10 smart lights can be hooked up to your smartphone and set so 16 million different color combinations. Reshape and customize the design of your smart lights and connect them to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control assistance. Set the sensors to touch or have the technology jumpstart when you end the room. 

Dec. 12 Handheld Deep Tissue Massager  

Work this handheld massager deep into your muscles to soothe tension and stimulate blood flow. This heated device has 6 different heads so you can give each part of your body a unique and thorough massage. With 4-6 hours of heated massage work, this tool is the perfect gift for the active person. 

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