Save more this Holiday

It is time to start saving! You’ve voted and we’ve answered. Starting December 1st-December 12th you can take 50% off one of the products that you’ve voted on! Be sure to mark the date so you can save 50% OFF your favorite items! Choose from makeup cases, smart lights, vanity mirrors, and more! Here is what’s coming up in the next few days! 

December 1st- Smart Lights 

These voice-activated smart lights can be easily customized with the free app. The flexible strip has over 16 million different colors to choose from and 65 pre-set lighting effects. Connect your light strip to your Google or Alexa for complete creative control. 

December 2nd- Hollywood Vanity Mirror  

hollywood vanity mirror, thelashop

Our extra-large Hollywood vanity mirror is specifically designed to create camera-ready results! The heavy-duty, high-quality mirror fits perfectly on your desk or can be mounted on a wall or door. Perfect every detail as these 12 dimmable LED bulbs reduces shadows so you can don’t miss a beat when you’re applying your makeup. 

December 3rd- Rolling Makeup Backpack with Pouches  

Your makeup lasts longer when it’s organized. Take 50% off this durable, wear-resistant rolling and shoulder carrying makeup case! The bag features 5 removable, clear zipper pouches, so you can adjust your case depending on the job. Keep your makeup neat, tidy, and portable. 

December 4th- Rolling Studio Makeup Cosmetic Case with Light, Mirror 

This makeup case is perfect for the traveling makeup artist, model, actor, or makeup enthusiast. These rolling studio makeup cases come with a large mirror surrounded by 6 dimmable lights. The heat resistant material keeps the case cool and will protect your cosmetics from the elements.

December 5th- Spinning Fitness Dance Pole 


Get in shape the fun way! A fitness dance pole is a perfect all-in-one workout tool! Our dance poles can be easily installed and dismantled in minutes without damaging your ceiling or floor. These poles make great additions to parties because they can keep you and your guests entertained for hours. Show us your sassy moves!

December 6th- Mini HD Projector 

A mini HD projector is a gift for the entire family! Watch your favorite movies, play video games, or use your projector to create a 3D holiday window display. Take your all-in-one entertainment center outdoors when you’re hiking or even just in your backyard. An HD projector is a multi-purpose gift that can satisfy the entire family. 

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