Los Angeles DIY Patio Decor 


Whether you’re telling spooky stories, roasting marshmallows, or enjoying a romantic evening for two, a fireplace has a myriad of uses. You dont need to be a camping fanatic to enjoy the warms and peacefulness of a DIY fire pit! Fire pits are warm, cozy, and a great way to bond with your family, friends, or loved ones. Building your own custom fire pit is affordable and can be quickly done if you have the proper instructions. TheLAShop is here to help you get started. Here is what you need:


  • Gravel 
  • Spray paint for marking 
  • Concrete landscaping brings 
  • Metal ring (optional)
  • Adhesive 
  • Rubber mallet 
  • Shovel

Step One: Set the Place


Outline the area where you want your fire pit to be. This will help you decide the size and depth of your fire pit before you start building. If you are using a fire ring, then this is the perfect measuring tool to set up your fire pit. Use the spray paint to outline the shape and size of your fire pit and envision the presentation before you even start building. 

Step Two: Start Digging 

Use your shovel to dig out the inside of your circle. Remove at least 6 inches of dirt. Be sure to take out any rocks, roots, or debris that may be embedded in the earth.

Step Three: Fill it Out

After you’ve dug a 6-inch hole, it is time to pour your gravel into the pit. Fill the cavity until the stonecircle is level with the ground. The purpose of this step is to provide your fire pit with adequate drainage when it rains.

Step Four: Build Your Fire Pit 

Rim the edges of your fire pit with large concrete stones or bricks. If you are using your metal ring, place down the ring in the center of the hole. Use your rubber mallet to flatten the bricks and make sure they are even. Place a glue or masonry adhesive line between the stones and place the second row of rocks on top. Use your rubber mallet to tighten the stone in placement, then repeat for a third or fourth row, depending on the size of your bricks.

Step Five: Add Burning Materials

After your fireplace is built, collect some old newspaper, dry leaves, and sticks and pile them together in the center of your fire pit. Light your branches, logs, and debris on fire and allow them to dry out. Build your fire and allow it to grow. After you’ve burned a fire a few times, scoop out or vacuum ash before it piles up too high. If your ash piles are up too high, it may prevent future fires from burning successfully.  

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