This Memorial Day it is vital to remember what truly makes us American, our strength, perseverance, and will power. Honor our selfless heroes and essential workers by spending time with your loved ones and celebrating at home. Here are our tips on respectfully enjoying this Memorial Day.

Have a Backyard Cookout 

There is nothing more American than an old school backyard cookout. Savor a feast with the ones you love the most, but this year, try something other than traditional BBQ. Feast on apple fritters and deep-fried Oreos with our heavy-duty deep fryer

You can be very imaginative with a deep-fryer and make an array of delights that you may not have known that you could such as vegan mozzarella sticks or vegan deep-fried pickles. 

Get an Electric Snow Cone Maker 

A snow cone ice crushing machine is an excellent source of entertainment for both children and adults. From margaritas to virgin frozen ice treats you can find something at everyone in the party can love and enjoy. 

Display Your Patriotism Proudly 

There is strength in unity. Inspire others and show that you are a part of something bigger. Display your American Flag in front of your home and remind your community that we will get through these difficult times together.