Why Should I get an Aquarium?

Aquariums add a splash of life to every room they occupy. They are popular because they can bring exotic and beautiful wildlife into your home and office in a controlled and peaceful environment. Aquariums are a pleasure to have but if not set up correctly they can become overly expensive. In this article, TheLAShop will teach you how to set up and decorate your aquarium in an affordable way.

How to Set Up an Aquarium 

Every aquarium enthusiast knows that starting off with cycled water is the best way to set your fish up for success. There are many different methods for cycling your water. Check it out here.

After your water is cycled you’re going to need to buy a few basic items: 

A quality filter. Your filter is probably the most important tool in your fish tank. Be sure to get one that is the right size for your tank as a filter that is too strong may disturb your plants and animals while a filter that is too weak may not work as well. Whichever filter you choose, be sure to use Bio Balls as a way to build a natural filtration system as well. 

An Aquarium Heater. A popular misconception is that fish do not need aquarium filters. Most fish require a stable temperature as fluctuations in heat can make your fish very sick. Keep in mind how the use of an air conditioner or the change in weather could affect the water. Use an aquarium heater to keep temperatures stable and fish healthy.    

LED Aquarium Light. Every aquarium needs a high powered light source. This is because your plants need strong UV ray lights to grow. Even if you don’t have plants in your aquarium it is still a good idea to get a great LED light source as it is healthier for your fish and it will make your aquarium look great. 

Automatic Feeder. Some aquarium enthusiasts would suggest skipping a day between feeding your fish, depending on the type of fish you have and the plants in the aquarium. A great way to stay on track is to simply get an automatic fish feeder. They can be digitally set and are especially helpful for when you go out of town or on trips. 

Aquarium Decorating Tips

Decorating your aquarium is the fun part. Many people choose from various themes such as Star Wars or Dinosaurs, while others choose a more natural look and fill their aquariums with plants and stones. Regardless of what theme you choose, now is the time to let your creativity shine. Here are some aquarium decorating tips that you need to know:

* Never overstuff your aquarium. Be sure that you are leaving enough room for your fish to get to every part of your tank. 

  • Keep your fish in mind. Some animals in your tank might have a tendency to destroy your decorations. Don’t be surprised if a crayfish rips up a plant, every time you buy one. 
  • Give lots of hiding spaces. Fish and other animals love to hide in their tanks and they will whether you like it or not. If you choose their hiding spaces properly you might be able to get a sneak peek and control where they want to hide. 
  • Get creative. You don’t have to spend alot of money on decorating your fish tank. You just have to be creative. You can use household products to do it, just make sure they are aquarium safe. 
  • How to Decorate a Fish Tank with Household Items 

    You can use your household items to decorate your fish tank! This opens up the door to a new world of creative freedom. However, you can not just put anything into your aquarium. Here is a list of household items that are safe to put in your aquarium. 

    1. Glass items 
    2. Clay pots 
    3. Mugs 
    4. Infant safe plastic toys 
    5. Pictures and posters as backgrounds 

    What Not to Add to Your Aquarium 

    You may be getting a lot of ideas from searching around your home for aquarium decorations there are some items like you avoid. Here is a list of things you should never put in your aquarium:

    1. Unsealed plastic 
    2. Untreated wood 
    3. Beach Sand 
    4. Anything consumable 
    5. Anything sharp 
    6. Anything degradable or will release chemicals

    How to tell if you Fish is Happy

    It is easy to tell whether your dog, cat, or bird is happy or not by the way they interact with you. With fish, however, it is a bit harder to gauge their emotions. Depending on the type of fish you have, they may be unhappy with your setup. Check for these general signs for fish health and happiness:

    1. How active are you fish? Do they swim throughout the entire tank or just lay at the bottom? Do your fish float at the top or hide behind ornaments? A happy fish is comfortable in their tank and has enough space to move around as well as hide easily.

    2. Are your fish excited for feeding time? Healthy fish eat regularly and rush to surface when food is available. 

    3. How do the fins look? Do they have white spots, tears, or blemishes? Are there any odd wounds or missing scales?

    4. How fast are they breathing? If your fish has gills that are moving rapidly, then they may be struggling to get oxygen. This could indicate a filter change or the need of an additional air stone.

    5. Are your fish brightly colored? An unhappy fish is sluggish and dull in color.

    6. Is the water clean, clear, and odorless?

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    Whatever you decide to add to your aquarium, be sure to do it make sure that it safe for your tank and will not release any chemicals. It is vital not to disturb them the chemical composition of your water so that your fish remain healthy. For more aquarium ideas and products check out TheLAShop’s pet collection