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Using a Photo Tent Light to give you a clean background

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One of the biggest problems when taking photos of item is having something in the background that disrupts the image.  With a photo tent light, you can have a clean background for a reasonable price.  Our kits include everything you need to start taking professional looking photos as soon as you open the box.  Most kits even include lights, so you can eliminate the harsh shadows often caused by exposed or direct light.

When should I use a Photo Tent Light?

You should use a photo tent light when you are taking pictures of small objects.  The largest tent we offer is 48 inches across, so your object will have to fit in the tent and leave enough room for the lights to eliminate the shadows.  Normally, these are used for photos of items that are going to appear in advertisements, either as single items listed online, or as part of a larger image where the background is added with digital enhancements.

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