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Using LED Grow Lights

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Using a LED Grow Light to Boost your Plant Growth


The reason to use a LED grow light to boost your plant growth is that it is the lowest wattage light available that will provide photosynthesis for your plants.  This is because the LED lights can simulate both blue and red light, the two colors of light your plants need to produce food and healthy blooms.  Depending on the type of plant you are growing, you need to visit The LA Shop to see which light is best for your needs.


Saving Money with a LED Grow Light


The most expensive part of having an indoor garden is the lighting.  You not only have the expense of purchasing the lights, but also the added expense of the electricity used during operation.  Since plants need 10 to 14 hours of light every day, you can supplement their regular light cycle with a LED grow light, which is one of the lowest cost lighting systems available.

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