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What are the Benefits of Hydroponics

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What are the Benefits of Hydroponics


One of the biggest benefits of hydroponics is that you do not need to have large amounts of space to grow a garden.  These plants are grown in a nutrient mix of fertilizer and water.  They can be grown in layers and only take a minimum amount of space.  It also allows you to control the amount of nutrients received by each plant, removing the waste associated with fertilizing a large parcel of land.


Using Hydroponics at Home


Starting your own hydroponics garden at home is a simple as visiting The LA Shop on the internet.  There you can find a complete selection of grow tents for your plants, as well as lighting.  It is important to have the correct lighting for your water grown vegetation because your plants need at least 10 to 14 hours of light every day to achieve their optimum growth.

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