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Using the Hydro in Hydroponics to Your Advantage

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The main reason to use hydroponics — hydro meaning water — is that you can control the nutrients delivered to your plants.  You can use several different types of water to make sure that your plants are not only getting the fertilizer they need, but also the trace minerals found in natural ground water.  Even filtered water can be used, especially if you live in a city and have additives in the water that could harm the plants, such as chlorine and fluoride.

Can Anyone Grow a Hydro Garden in Their Home

As long as you have the right equipment, anyone can grow a hydro garden in his or her home.  All you need is a grow tent, lighting, and a container to hold the seeds until they germinate.  Then you just add nutrients to the water as they are used by the plant — and then you wait for the harvest.

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