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What Types of Plants will Grow in a Hydroponic System

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You can grow a variety of plants using a hydroponic system.  You can grow leafy plants, such as lettuce and cabbage.  You can also grow flowering plants, such as watermelon and cucumbers.  The only thing you have to keep in mind is that plants need room to grow if they are going to thrive.  Vine plants, such as the watermelon, may need to have the actual stalks suspended above the plant, so they can grow to their full length and produce extra fruit.

Is the Food Safer to Eat if Grown with a Hydroponic System

While the food may be just as safe if you grow it in the ground, you may feel more comfortable using a hydroponic system.  This is because you control all the different environmental factors during your plant’s development.  You can avoid pesticides and keep your plants away from outside dangers, such as acid rain.

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