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What is the Best Grow Lamp to Use for an Interior Garden?

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There are several different things to consider when purchasing a grow lamp for an indoor garden.  The first is the type of plants you will be growing.  If you have plants with broad leaves, then you can use a lower-powered light.  If your plants have smaller leaves, then you will need a higher level of light to keep the plants healthy.  You also have to consider the amount of clearance that you have above your garden, because certain types of light need to be further away from the plants, to prevent burning.  Stronger lamps, such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium, have to have more clearance than fluorescent or LED lights.  You should check on your specific types of plants, to see how much light they need to achieve optimum growth, and adjust your lighting, accordingly.

Putting a Grow Lamp on the Ceiling May Not Be the Best Solution

Most grow lamps need to be between four and six feet above your plants.  If you have eight-foot ceilings, and your plants are on the floor, the light will be too far away for the plants to reach their full potential.  There are two different solutions to this problem.  The first is to place the plants on a table that is about four feet high.  This brings the plants closer to the light.  The other, and best, solution is to mount the light on something that can be raised or lowered.  This lets you move the light closer to the plants, but also gives you the ability to raise the light as the plants get taller.  This solution gives you the most control over the amount of light your plants receive, and lets you adjust the light, as necessary.

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