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What Tattoo Equipment Do I Need for My New Business?

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There are several pieces of tattoo equipment you will need when you open your own tattoo parlor.  The first, and most important, is the tattoo gun.  This is what allows you to create art for your clients.  The second is a set of disposable needles, so that you can use a new needle for every client and not worry about the health dangers associated with sharing needles.  You also need enough ink to create the art for the clients, in a variety of shades and colors, if you want to do elaborate tattoos that bring you a higher profit.

It Seems to Cost Too Much to Purchase All of the Tattoo Equipment

It can cost a great deal to purchase each piece of tattoo equipment, separately, but we do offer a solution.  We have tattoo kits that come with everything you need to start creating art for your clients.  You can make up to 20 tattoos without having to purchase any more supplies.  This lets you start making money before you have to spend anything on extra supplies and equipment.  Because our tattoo kits are available for 50 percent less than retail, you can purchase a kit for every member of your staff, without going bankrupt.

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