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What Is a 250 Watt HPS Light?

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A 250 watt HPS light is a high-pressure sodium lamp that is ideal for growing plants that need low levels of natural sunlight.  This type of light is best used with plants that can thrive in partial shade or indirect light.  It can also be used for indoor plants that are near windows, supplementing the natural light they receive during the day.  This is because windows only let light in during certain times of the day, and, for the rest of the time, the light is only delivered indirectly.  Sensitive plants may require more hours of direct light, so the HPS light offers the closest thing you can get to natural sunlight, while still keeping your plants safe inside.  This allows you to control the temperature for the plants and still give them the light they need to thrive.

Installing a 250 Watt HPS Light in Your Home

When you are ready to install a 250 watt HPS light, you should start by making sure that you have the space for the lighting fixture.  You also need a power source near the light so that you do not have extension cords running around your home.  These lights should be installed at least 6 feet above your plants and should have enough clearance to allow adequate airflow around the bulb.  This ensures that your light will not overheat and quit working.  It also keeps the lamp from bursting and can make the difference between a beautiful home garden and an electrical fire in your home.

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