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Who can use a Bicycle Repair Stand?

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Anyone who owns a bike can use a bicycle repair stand.  They are essential for anyone who wants to do repairs on their own bike or who wants to complete their own maintenance.  The stand allows you to hold the bike off the ground in a variety of positions.  Many stands even let you hold the bike upside down, so you can grease chains and check the underside of the bike without worrying about it tipping over and being damaged.

Is a Bicycle Repair Stand Expensive?

As with any piece of mechanical equipment, a bicycle repair stand can be expensive, if you purchased it from a retail store.  By visiting our website, you can purchase a repair stand for at least 50 percent off the standard retail price.  This is a huge savings and lets you purchase two stands for the price of one.  You can get one for yourself and one as a gift without spending a fortune.

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