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Can I use Fluorescent Lights for my indoor garden?

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Fluorescent lights are a good compromise when you want bright light but do not want to have a high electric bill.  These lights emit light that can be very similar to sunlight but cost much less than metal halide to operate.  They are the happy medium lights for many amateur gardeners.  This is because they are not bright enough to burn the plants but they are bright enough to have a wide range of coverage.

What else do I need to install Fluorescent Lights for my Plants?

The only other item you need to install fluorescent lights is the ballast to hold the lights and supply power.  They can be mounted on any rafter or even hung from wires from existing support.  You should always use a solid support system that will hold at least twice the weight of the light.  This gives you room for changing bulbs without having to worry that you will accidentally pull the light off the ceiling.

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