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Why do you have different Tattoo Kits for Sale?

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The reason we have so many different tattoo kits for sale is that each tattoo parlor has different needs.  Our kits come with different designs on the guns, so each employee will be able to use one that reflects their personal choice.  We also offer kits with multiple guns, so you can get enough for every artist to have their own machine.  This allows them to set their gun to their personal preference and not worry that the settings have been changed by another artist.

Can anyone purchase your Tattoo Kits for Sale?


Our tattoo kits for sale are available to anyone who is over the age of 18.  This is not to encourage people to purchase kits to play with in their homes, but allows tattoo artists to purchase machines without having a registered company.  Many artists work part-time from inside their homes, so they can purchase our kits easily without having to go through a third-party company.

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