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You Will Need an Electric Jack Hammer to Easily Break Up Concrete

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An electric jack hammer is a tool which you should have around the home when you work with concrete and other hard materials. There are different types of bits available which are needed for different types of operations. A point type bit is ideal for breaking up concrete, while a flat type bit is needed for edging. There are other types of bits needed for other types of working, including the spade bit, stake driver bit, and scabbler bit.

An Electric Jack Hammer Can Do More than Break Up Concrete

While the most common use for an electric jack hammer, like those available on our website, here at The LA Shop, is breaking up concrete, there are other things you can do with this tool. You can use it to make holes in existing poured foundations and concrete work for running electrical wiring. For instance, if you need to install electrical outlets in a basement, you can use the jack hammer to cut out the holes for the electrical boxes.

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