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Are Hydroponics suitable for all Plants?

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Hydroponics, or growing plants without soil, is not suitable for all plants.  Plants that have small roots, such as many versions of cacti, should not be grown without soil.  You must also consider the fertilization needs of your plants because some nutrients will not dissolve well in water, which is the growing medium for this type of system.  You may want to look at the lighting needs of the different plants to make sure you can provide adequate lighting during their entire growth cycle.

Can I use Hydroponics for Houseplants? 

You can use hydroponics to grow most houseplants but you must consider the lighting needs of the plant.  You also have to have an enclosed space where you can control the amount of humidity the plants receive.  The best way to insure this is to use one of our grow tents in a room that has adequate ventilation.  You may also want to look at grow lights to supply your plants with the correct amount of light every day.

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