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Using a Grow Tent Inside your Home

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You can use a grow tent inside your home to keep your delicate plants safe from winter storms.  The only thing you have to be careful of is to have the tent in a well-ventilated room.  Plants process carbon dioxide, so they need access to circulated air.  If there is not enough ventilation, the plants will oxygenate the air and start to suffocate.  There can also be a smell generated by plants that do not have enough airflow to thrive.

Start your garden in a Grow Tent

Many people purchase plugs, which are plants that have already started growing.  Instead of spending the extra money, you can start with the cheaper seeds; you just need a controlled environment to start your plants.  A grow tent offers you this type of environment and it is more cost effective.  The reason for the cost savings is you can use it year after year to start your garden with only a few seeds and a handful of soil.

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