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Can I use HID lights outside?

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High intensity discharge (HID) lights may be used both outside and inside but you must have the proper ballast for the light.  You should also put a cover over the light during storms so that it is not exposed to excess moisture.  You should not run wire from inside your house to an outside light but should hire an experienced electrician to handling the wiring.  This insures that there are no shorts, which could cause blown breakers or fires inside your home.

Do you offer HID lights for HPS systems?

HID lights come in many different types.  The most common is the high-pressure sodium (HPS) light.  We offer a complete set of ballast that can support these lights.  They come brand new from the manufacturer so you are not receiving equipment that has been returned and refurbished for sale.  We are also getting the full manufacturer’s warrantee, which is not always the case with other companies.

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