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Are your Tattoo Kits for Sale Every Day?

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The 50 percent discount on our tattoo kits for sale is available every day.  We purchase all of our merchandise in bulk directly from the manufacturer.  This gives us huge savings on the overall price for the items.  Instead of keeping this profit in our pockets, we decided to pass it along to you, our customers.  This lets you start your new business by purchasing everything you need to get started without going bankrupt before you open the doors.

Do you have multi-gun Tattoo Kits for Sale?

We offer several different tattoo kits for sale.  The main difference is the number of guns you receive as part of your order.  We have kits that offer anything from one to eight guns.  This means that you can purchase a gun for every employee in your shop without having to break the bank.  We also offer replacement supplies, such as ink and cups, to keep you up and running for years.

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