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What is the Meaning of a Hydro System?

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The meaning of a hydro system is that it is based upon water.  Hydro is the Greek word for water and it is the basis of the hydroponic systems.  These plants are grown inside a grow tent with artificial light and no dirt.  This also lets you control the amount of nutrients received by the plants so you have more control over the size of the fruit and the overall health of the plant.

Can anyone use a Hydro System to grow Plants?

Almost anyone can use a hydro system to grow plants as long as they have the proper equipment.  The first item you will need is a grow tent to keep the water from evaporating from the system.  This helps you keep the water with the plants and does not let the water evaporate and raise the concentration of nutrients in the mix.  Evaporation can lead to burning the plants because the nutrients get over-concentrated and harm the roots of the plants.

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