Compliance Tips For Reopening the Workplace

Reopening nonessential businesses is a debatable topic that has the country almost evenly split. Though workers are excited to get back to work, many fear that reopening up the country too soon, might not be a good idea. Attempting to force or threaten employees into work may present a myriad of legal issues. This is theLAShop’s guide to reopening safely. 

Pay Attention to State Legislation

For the most part, individual states have been allowed to make their own decisions in regards to reopening and how they go about it. Learning about your state’s reopening guidelines will not only keep you safe, but within your legal rights.

Present this information to your workers by posting pamphlets on a literature stand or writing daily messages on the company dry erase whiteboard. 

Decide When Employees Need to Return to the Workplace

Employees may be eager to come back to work, but should only return if they are healthy. If you suspect an employee has the illness or has recently recovered can not return to work until they fit the CDC’s criteria to discontinue home isolation. Some of these conditions include:

  1. No sign of fever for at least 3 days
  2. Recovered respiratory symptoms
  3. A 10 day period of no symptoms at all
  4. They received two negative tests that are at least 24 hours apart 

Decide Which Workers Should Return First 

Non-essential businesses are finally allowed to start reopening. However, they are advised to do as smartly as possible. Honor suggestions made by the CDC such as maintain social distancing as much as possible. Consider introducing employees back to work gradually. If employees can stay home, it is suggested that you let them or form special accommodations for those who suffer from physical or mental disabilities. 

Still obey social distancing rules as employees return. Some employers prefer using a portable workstation so workers can stay within a safe range of each other. 

Understand that Your Employees Could Be Fearful 

Your employees may be dealing with issues that you are not aware of. Though some people seem healthy they may fear infecting their parents or children. In fact, employment lawyer Bethany Salvatore is quoted: “Even after recall communication clearly articulates the steps that the company is taking to keep the workplace as safe as possible, I do suspect that there are going to be a number of employees who refuse to return to work for fear of attracting-”  

Employers are encouraged to understand their worker’s phobias and learn how any particular allowance can help them return sooner. Telework is recommended for all workers who can work from home. If the worker can not work from home, suggest a grace period or special accommodation before you threaten retaliation. 

TheLAShop Wants You to Reopen Safely  

We are reopening soon and we have to do it safely. TheLAShop has everything you need to do it in a responsible way. Check out our newest collection.