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How to install your indoor Grow Lights

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It is important to understand that plants are used to getting light from the sun, which is millions of miles away.  When you are placing grow lights for your plants, please remember that if they are too close, they can burn the plants.  You also have to check the ambiance of the light to make sure they are not too far away.  A good rule of thumb is that the light has to be approximately 4 feet above the plant when it reaches maturity, so lettuce needs light about 5 feet above the roots and tomatoes need the light about 8 feet.

Best type of Indoor Grow Lights

If you want the grow lights that have the closest resemblance to sunlight, then you want to install metal halide.  If you want the lights that are the most cost effective, then you want LED lights.  The type of light you have effects how far it needs to be from the plant and what types of plants you will be able to grow.

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