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What is a Hydro Farm?

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A true hydro farm is actually a combination of a couple of different system to help you grow plants.  The top of the system is hydroponic and hold the plants with the roots in the water.  The bottom of the system is normally a freshwater fish tank that lets the fish move around the roots of the plants.  The excrement from the fish fertilizes the plants and the roots and leaves of the plants feed the fish.  This is a self-contained ecosystem that only needs sunlight to keep it active.

Can I have a Hydro Farm inside my Home?

You can have a hydro farm inside your home but you will need a source of light that is similar to sunlight.  The best type of artificial light is supplied by either high-pressure sodium light or metal halide lights.  Both of these lights are available from us at prices that are up to 79 percent below suggested retail.

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