How to Keep Clean When Everyone is Home

It becomes easy to slump when you’re stuck at home. You may want to sleep in later or may forget to exercise. However, what usually suffers the most is housework. With more people staying at home for extended periods of time more dirt piles up in places you may not expect. Here are some tips on how to keep your home clean, especially if you have a large family or pets. 

Everyone Can Help 

Never take on all the work alone. Even small children can handle lighter tasks such as wiping furniture down or sorting laundry. Giving everyone a task is important because it teaches responsibility and accountability. 

Double Up Tasks

Sometimes it is better to have two sets of eyes on one job. Tasks, such as doing the dishes, can be grueling for children. However, the time goes by quicker if you have a buddy to help. This also teaches teamwork and reliability. 

Get the Germs You Can’t See 

Sometimes, it is the germs you can’t see that are the most dangerous. Keep your family’s air healthy by using a quality air purifier. This easy to use device can capture 95% of air particles so that you can breathe deeply knowing that your air is clean. These are especially useful if you have a pet. 

Brush Pets Outside 

Whether you see it or not, your pet is constantly shedding. Even with an air purifier, pet hair can get stuck on couches, rugs, and even the walls. Regularly brushing your pet outside not only gives them a breath of fresh air but reduces stress and the spread of loose hairs. 

Plan for Deep Cleanings 

Routine cleanings are essential to keeping an environment clean and healthy. However, never forget to plan for deep cleaning days as well. Use an electric pressure washer to get into the smaller cracks of your home and vehicle. These deep-cleaning machines are designed to effectively infiltrate the spots of your home you can’t see or normally get to. They are experts at removing mold, mildew and other pollutants from hard to get to places. 

Set Specific Times For Cleaning 

It’s easy to put something off for later in the day. However, that decreases the possibility of it actually getting done. Set a specific time of the day where the chores must be done. This will keep you organized and give you peace of mind.


Update Your Home 

Regardless of how much you clean, germs have a way of getting around- especially if you small children or animals. Consider upgrading your home with touchless features such as faucet handles and soap dispensers. Using pedal opening trash cans is another great way of preventing sickness. This will slow the spread of germs and help keep your family from getting sick. 

During the time of quarantine, it is important to remember to keep your home clean as it is directly associated with your health. TheLAShop provides you with all you need to keep your home safe and healthy.