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Fluorescent Lights

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Advantages of Growing Plants with Fluorescent Lights


Fluorescent lights are one of the most efficient lights for growing plants.  These lights offer you the range of light needed for plant growth without the dangerous UV and infrared rays that can harm the leaves.  They do not attract insects so you will not have to worry about increasing the number of insects that may be attracted to the light and start to feed on your plants.  The final benefit of these lights is that they are up to 50 percent cheaper to operate.


How long do I leave the Fluorescent Lights on for my Plants?


Plants need at least 10 to 14 hours of light every day.  This is the reason that many people use artificial lighting when starting their garden.  It is hard to regulate sunlight, but with fluorescent lights, you can insure that you plants have the full amount of light they need to reach optimum growth.  To see all of the lights available, visit The LA Shop online.

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