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Tattoo Guns

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Quality Tattoo Guns


Finding quality tattoo guns can be as easy as visiting The LA Shop online at  They carry a complete line of guns and even offer starter kits for new businesses.  These come with a supply of needles and ink so that you can start working on clients before you have to order more supplies.  This helps you by letting you earn income before you have any expenses.


Number of Tattoo Guns Needed for a Shop


The best way to decide on the number of tattoo guns needed for your new shop is to look at the number of artists you will have working in your store.  If you will be working alone, then you only need one gun for yourself.  Each artist should have their own gun but, if you have more than 4 artists, you may want to let them work in different shifts, so that each of them can let another employee use their gun on their day off.

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