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Grow Lights

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What are the different types of Grow Lights?


There are four different types of grow lights that are available for indoor gardens.  They are the fluorescent light, the high-pressure sodium light, the metal halide light, and the LED light.  Each of these is suited for a different type of plant.  To find the one that is best for your garden, consider what type of plants you will be growing.  Leafy plants, such as lettuce and herbs, need more blue spectrum light, while flowering plants need blue spectrum until they bloom, then they need redder spectrum light.


Finding the Best Grow Lights


After you have determined what type of plants you are growing, you need to find the best grow light for your indoor garden.  To read about each of the four different types of lighting available and to study which ones are best for your plants, visit The LA Shop online.  They carry all types of grow lights, from fluorescent to LED to high-pressure sodium to metal halide lamps.

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