Tips on Clutter Control 

So, you’ve spent countless hours making your home as comfortable, neat, and immaculate as possible. You feel great, but in a day or two, you’re right back in the cluttered nest you started in. We’ve all been there and experienced the feeling of defeat. 

However, theLAShop is here to teach you how to stay organized after you’ve done a deep cleaning. 

How to Create an Organization System 

It takes a conscious effort and focus to maintain a home that is consistently clean and organized. However, there are many benefits to incorporating an Organization System into your daily routine: 

  1. Helps you keep organized and focused in other areas of your life 
  2. Deeper cleanings are easier and faster 
  3. Clean less and enjoy a clean home longer 

Start with the Small Stuff 

When creating an Organization System start with the smaller things in your home. Small items are easy to lose or misplace, so keep them all in one place and neatly store them away in quality cases or cabinets. For smaller items, we suggest using:

A Mirrored Jewelry Box. You spend a lot of money on your jewelry and it can be really frustrating to misplace a ring or bracelet. Organize all your valuables in a jewelry box with separate compartments for neatness. 

A Wooden Watch Case. Keep your watches safe from damage while displaying them neatly in an organized fashion.

A Makeup Case. Makeup can get messy, and when it gets messy, it could get ruined. Ruined makeup is a waste of money and a big disappointment. Be sure to store your makeup neatly and watch it last much longer. 

Make Your Life Easy and Hide Eyesores    

Sometimes there are things that lay around our home that we just don’t want to look at. You may not have room in your closet for your vacuum, extra furniture, or even any excess clothing. 


Get a customizable, portable closet organizer for anything you might not want in plain view.


Get Everyone Else to Help Out   

Everyone in the home can help you stay organized, regardless of age. Make it easy for everyone to stay neat and organized with age-appropriate tools such as the 5-pocket sling bookshelf

TheLAShop Will Help You Stay Organized

TheLAShop has an amazing collection of tools and resources that will help you not only get neat, but stay organized. Take a look at our inventory and find the right product for you.