How Children Learn

If you’re a parent or teacher then you understand how difficult it can be to teach a child. Many children have trouble staying focused and keeping interested in certain subjects. After years of study, child psychologists concluded that most children have certain learning styles that an educator has to adapt to. 

We at theLAShop know that a child’s learning style determines how they absorb and retain information. 

To effectively reach children, psychologists and teachers have worked together to develop the learning model VARK. VARK is an acronym that stands for: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. 

What is the VARK Learning Model?

Since all children have different learning styles it is important to develop lesson plans that contain multiple forms of engagement. The VARK model exercises different parts of the brain in order to improve information absorption and memory retention. Incorporating various styles of teachings in one lesson increases the chances of the child actually understanding the information. 

Using VARK Strategies and Learning Styles       

At first, trying to incorporate all these learning styles at once can be overwhelming, but it is actually easier than you think if you have the right tools. WinSpin creates quality products that can be used to engage children in all four styles of learning: visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic.  

Let’s break it down. 


Facts About Visual Learners 

Visual learners absorb information through sight. This usually translates best through demonstrations rather than being told what to do or writing information down.

Visual learns:

  1. Understand information best-using charts and graphs   
  2. Use images to process ideas and concepts 
  3. Focus on visual elements over all other details  

How WinSpin Can Help:

The WinSpin Prize Wheel works great for this type of learning as the spinning bright colors and LED lights hold the attention of the audience. Visual learners love the hypnotic effect the spinning wheel has and are more likely to retain the information written on it. 

The WinSpin Prize Wheel can be customized to feature your child's favorite animals, cartoon characters, or activities. Switch up the themes and subjects to keep your child interested in learning new things. 

Auditory Learners Characteristics

Auditory learners understand information through hearing and listening. They tend to remember conversations and sounds so they prefer to learn through spoken instruction. 

Auditory learners understand information best through:

  1. Conversation and discussions
  2. Lectures 
  3. Musical patterns and sounds 

The WinSpin prize wheel satisfies auditory learners with the loud clicking sound it makes with when it turns. The clicking signal not only excites the crowd, but it teases them as they wait in anticipation for the sound to stop and the wheel to decide. It's a great way to hold the attention of any auditory learner. 

Advantages of the Read/Write Learning Style   

A reading/writing learner process information best through reading and writing. Most enjoy studying the traditional way by reading books and taking notes. 

Read/Writing learners:

  1. Love to read and write 
  2. Memorize while taking notes 

Our WinSpin prize wheel has a dry erase feature where you can allow your child to write in the slots. Children will enjoy reading their own written words as they spin around the colorful wheel. 

Kinesthetic Learning Strategies    

Kinesthetic learning or tactile learning refers to the process of understanding information through touch or physical activities. They are often skilled in sports, dancing, and other physical activities but can learn other types of information through the same tactics. 

Kinesthetic learners: 

  1. Absorb information through recreating and practicing 
  2. Learn through repetition 
  3. Understand information best through creating personal experiences 

Our WinSpin prize wheel is perfect for the tactile learner because half the fun comes with spinning the wheel! Kids love taking turns spinning the wheel and anticipating where it will stop! 

WinSpin Games 

There are many educational children games you could play with a prize wheel. 

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Nowadays, many of us tend to live and learn from behind a screen. While some studies have shown that traditional learning works best because it:

  1. Is more engaging 
  2. Encourages conversation and human interaction 
  3. Teaches social skills 
  4. Relieves anxiety 

WinSpin Games were specifically designed to engage children in all aspects of learning. Other games include:

Our WinSpin Prize Drop Disk Drop Game.

The WinSpin Pinball Game Board

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