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Grow Tent

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What is a Grow Tent?


A grow tent is used instead of a greenhouse to promote germination of your seeds.  Instead of glass walls, it has solid walls with a reflective interior coating.  This allows the light to be concentrated inside of the tent and eliminates the excess sunlight that can raise the temperature of your greenhouse.  It normally has exhaust vents to allow for airflow and lets you open or close these vents as necessary to maintain the temperature.


Where can I place a Grow Tent?


A grow tent can be place anywhere on your property that has a flat surface.  They are not recommended for interior use because they require some airflow to promote healthy plants.  Many have zippered panels so you can see the interior without compromising the humidity.  You can also open the zippered panels if you want more sunlight to reach the plants during summer.  To see a complete selection of tents available, visit The LA Shop online.

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