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Grow Tents

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Benefits of Grow Tents


If you have ever tried to start your garden from seeds, you know there are several problems that must be overcome before the plants are able to thrive.  You must have the correct amount of water and sunlight for the seeds to germinate.  Grow tents give you the ability to regulate these items by letting you control the humidity in the tent as well as having a reflective coating on the interior so the plants get the amount of light needed every day.


Hydroponics with Grow Tents


Grow tents are ideal for people who want to have a hydroponic garden.  Because it limits the amount of evaporation, you do not have to worry that the nutrients in the water will become more concentrated as the water evaporates.  You can also control the amount of light that the plants receive, which helps you control their growth.  The LA Shop carries a complete line of tents made specifically for hydroponic gardens.

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