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HID Lights

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What are HID Lights?


High-intensity discharge (HID) lights are lights that have metal salts dissolved in the gas that is contained in the light.  They create light by having an arc of electricity burn the salts inside of the bulb.  This creates a plasma-like substance that gives off large amounts of light but without the wasted heat of other, less efficient lighting sources.  This makes these some of the most efficient lights of growing plants.  There are several different varieties of these lamps on the market, the most common being the metal halide lamps.


Are HID Lights good for Plants?


The most common of the HID lights is the metal halide lamp.  This light is used primarily for growing different types of plants.  They are especially useful for plants that do not enter a flowering stage, such as lettuce or herbs.  These types of plants get the most benefit from the metal halide lights, because they benefit from the blue spectrum light, which is the main component of this type of light.  To see the complete selection of metal halide lights, visit The LA Shop online.

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