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What are Hydro Grown Plants?


Hydro grown plants are plants that are grown without any type of soil.  They are usually grown in a water solution that contains dissolved fertilizer.  This system is accompanied by an artificial light source that simulates sunlight so that the plants can perform photosynthesis.  This method also allows the gardener to control the amount of nutrients in the water, helping to control the growth of the plant.


How do I start a Hydro Garden at Home?


The first step in starting your own hydro garden is to visit The LA Shop.  They carry a full range of gardening lights that are one of the main components of your garden.  You can choose from fluorescent lights, high-pressure sodium lights, or LED lights.  Each of these lights has distinct advantages when growing plants in a water solution.  They all offer advantages over natural sunlight because they do not contain the high frequency UV rays or the low frequency infrared rays that can cause harm to plants.

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